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RV Rentals – Let’s Go RVing

RV Rentals – Let’s Go RVing

RV Rentals



RV rentals are all the rage this year. Summer and now, as we move into Fall, the choice in travel is with an RV. Understandingly so, with the concerns for social distancing, finding destinations with fewer people, and enjoying the great outdoors with our close family and friends is best achieved with an RV trip.  

The thought of getting on an airplane for your next getaway is not a top choice, especially for travelers in the high-risk group of 50+ (according to the CDC, as the age range increases, so does the risk for more complications with COVID-19).  The opportunity to enjoy a trip, stay healthy and safe leads us to a Recreational Vehicle, where we can enjoy a getaway with our comforts at our fingertips and our fears at bay. 

Before we head over to the RV rental office, here are a few things to consider:

RV Rentals

1. Search for a dealer in your area. One where you can go by, ask questions, look over your options, and test drive to your comfort level with the vehicle. Dealers in your local area will be interested in making sure you get what you need and are satisfied with your decisions. Even with demand on the rise, there continues to be interest in word-of-mouth promotions from local renters.

 And, if there is any need to follow up with dissatisfaction with your rental, local dealers will be more accessible and in favor of great reviews from satisfied customers.

RV Rentals
Photo – Lightfield Studios

2. Make sure your rental is clean – sanitized and disinfected.

Ask what the guidelines and protocols are for sanitizing and disinfecting. Ask about both, because they are not the same. Sanitizing refers more to those things made of cloth – things like sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc. Those things you can wash with hot water, Clorox, and other products designed to sanitize. Disinfecting refers to hard surfaces that are touched and hold bacteria and viruses spread by multiple people coming in contact with the surfaces. Hard surfaces also include doorknobs, counters, light switches, railings, and any other item heavily touched by many.

If you are renting an RV close to home, research your state’s protocols and ask the dealer how they are conforming to those cleaning regulations.  

Ask – How are you disinfecting both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. – especially high touchpoints?

Are they performing disinfecting after each sales appointment?

If you’re not pleased with the answers, visit another dealer for more options.

Ask if you can do a virtual walk-thru. Especially if you are an experienced RV driver and there is no need to gain more comfort before signing on the dotted line.

Ask if you can have the vehicle delivered instead of going into the office location.

Don’t trust or rely on previous owners or the dealers to do all the sanitizing and disinfecting to your specification. Add your own “clean up” to the process to make sure you and your family are safe.

RV Rentals
Photo – Alessandro Biascioli

3. State-to-state Mandates

There is one significant difference between flying and driving when researching your next vacation. When flying, you only have to check the state COVID mandates for your final destination state. When going, you must know and follow the directives of all the states you will enter. The requirements can change from state to state, with some places requiring a 14-day shelter-in-place for anyone entering the state. This rule is not so strictly enforce for people passing through, but you will need to know the requirements for things such as wearing masks, if the state is open for restaurants and other businesses.  

You’ll need to stop for gas, food, and personal comfort breaks. Standing six feet apart and washing your hands will apply while on the road. Remember to not let your guard down because of the sense of safety in your vehicle with people you know. The outside world is still part of your journey. 

RV Rentals
Photo – tykhyi

4. This is home!

Your RV becomes your home while on a road trip. It’s your place of comfort, gathering with road buddies and security from the outside world. While this is true, the campgrounds, national parks, RV sites, and parking lots for temporary stops are all areas where people live. These places are the homes of others.  

Taking personal responsibility to know the local mandates and follow them is key to staying healthy and keeping the communities we visit healthy. It’s all a give-and-give – instead of a give and take. We must respect and appreciate the opportunity to see these destinations we are inspired to visit. However, once we leave, the residents are still there wanting there home to be “home-sweet-home!”

RV Rentals
Photo – Cathy Yeulet

5. Research what’s open and what’s closed

What makes a road trip so much fun is the journey. It is the destination. There are so many fun things to see and do along the way that you almost forget you’re heading to a specific place.  While you’re researching “well-planned detours” contact them for hours of operation during COVID and ask about any specific mandates.  Pack your flexibility with you on a road trip.  Things change and can change quickly, and unexpected.  

RV Rentals
Photo – Mirko Vitali

Bonus tip – Alert and healthy

Road trips before, during, and after COVID-19 have one thing in common. The need to stay alert while on the road. Eating healthy foods, stopping for breaks, and keeping family and friends aware of where you are on your journey.  

Following the rules of the road are always in order.  

For more information on mandates and tips for staying healthy while traveling, visit the CDC website.  

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