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Saint Kate Art Hotel

Saint Kate Art Hotel:
An Artistic Getaway Unlike Any Other

Hotel, theater, gallery, venue, creative hub – the Saint Kate Art Hotel is all of these and more. Located in the entertainment district of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Saint Kate offers an award-winning artistic lodging experience that is perfect for adults and empty nester travelers. Here you’ll find spacious guest rooms creatively decorated by local artists, art galleries featuring various artistic mediums, a black box theater that offers intimate performances, and several delectable dining establishments. Named after Saint Catherine, the patron saint of the arts, Saint Kate embraces and promotes all aspects of art, offering a creative safe space for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re an artist or simply an observer, the Saint Kate Art Hotel is a great destination to experience and explore artistic expression.

Artistic Accommodations

Saint Kate Art Hotel
Artistic touches throughout the hotel. The soap has an artistic theme as an eraser.


Saint Kate offers a variety of accommodations ranging in size from double queen rooms to spacious suites that feature two bedrooms and three bathrooms. While all of these rooms and suites are outfitted with incredible decor and artwork, The Canvas Rooms are the ones that really steal the show with their creative layout and style. These four rooms, which are meant to represent living art pieces, were designed by local artists, who dictated all aspects of each room, from the colors of the walls down to the decorative bedding. In these rooms, you’ll find everything from leopard print floors to walls overlaid with album covers and shaggy pillows on the beds. And the best part about the Canvas Room is that a portion of the proceeds from each stay is donated to various local art initiatives.

Aside from their incredible decor, the guest rooms also come with a variety of practical amenities that many baby boomer travelers will appreciate; this includes spa-like toiletries, plush robes, in-room safes, flat-screen TVs, and wireless cell phone chargers. In addition to this, you’re likely to find a variety of art supplies and props, such as ukuleles, record players, and colored pencils with drawing paper. 

Other amenities at the hotel include a 24-hour fitness center, business center services, Tesla charging stations, as well as full access to the hotel’s exhibit spaces, galleries, and dining establishments. There’s even a shop in the hotel called Kate’s Closet where you can purchase art supplies and artistic souvenirs if you’re feeling inspired to create your own work of art!

Saint Kate Art Hotel
Comfort and style in each room.


Saint Kate Art Hotel
An inviting vintage sitting area with art and inspiration to be creative in your own way.


Saint Kate Art Hotel
A guitar and vintage albums; say yes to being relaxed.


Saint Kate Art Hotel
While enjoying the sitting area, listen to a music on a turn table or watch your favorite TV show.


Unforgettable Artwork

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of the Saint Kate Hotel is the wide variety of artwork on display. In addition to the photos and paintings that adorn the lobby walls and guest rooms, the hotel also features four exhibit spaces, each offering a different artistic experience and layout. In the smallest exhibition hall, The Closet, you’re likely to find immersive art that you can touch and interact with. Meanwhile, The Gallery is a more traditional art gallery that hosts both solo and group exhibitions. There’s also The Space, a non-traditional exhibit hall that accommodates large-scale installations. And, newest of them all is the MOWA – DTN Art Gallery, which features works of art curated by the Museum of Wisconsin Art. 

The exhibits on display in these spaces change regularly and represent a wide variety of artistic mediums, including everything from paintings to drawings, photographs, sculptures, and other handmade items. For example, one of the exhibitions currently on display is “Relics of a Current Time” by artist Nicole Shaver. A Wisconsin native, Nicole researched and employed the use of geological materials to create sculptures that merge the natural with the artificial. Suzanne Rose is another artist featured with her photographic exhibit called “Blind Spot: To Pass Among Them.” In this collection of photos, Suzanne draws her inspiration from nineteenth-century photography to create vintage black-and-white photos that emphasize human’s impact on the environment. 

There’s even an exhibit on embroidery called “The Wonder Makers: A Cabinet of Curiosities.” This collection was created by Mindy Sue Wittock and Jenna Freimuth, two long-distance embroiderers and friends, who mailed their embroidery back and forth to each other as they created unplanned works of art inspired by the stitches that came before them. Needless to say, you never know what you’re going to find in the galleries at Saint Kate – but you can be sure that each exhibit and every collection is likely to inspire and surprise you!

Saint Kate Art Hotel


Saint Kate Art Hotel
A wooden sculpture in the lobby starts the art adventure.


Saint Kate Art Hotel
Unique and fascinating art installations.


Art-Inspired Events

In their desire to promote all forms of art, the Saint Kate hotel is also known for hosting a variety of lively and exciting musical performances. Many of these events feature a combination of vocals and instrumentals and cover a wide variety of genres that many over 50 travelers will appreciate, such as jazz, classic rock, and folk. These performances typically occur in The Arc Theater, the hotel’s black-box performance space, or in The Bar, which is located just off the lobby.

In addition to their musical events, the hotel also hosts several art-centered gatherings, such as Champagne Art Tours and Gallery Night Cocktail Hours. During these events, guests are provided a tour of the art galleries as they sip on art-inspired cocktails. Of course, you can also expect extra special events to pop up around the holidays as well. These occasions are sure to feature art, music, and drinks of some sort!

Delectable Dining

Saint Kate Art Hotel

To further support their events and provide for their guests, the Saint Kate Hotel is home to two bars and three restaurants. At “The Bar,” where several of the hotel’s performances take place, you can expect to find a variety of craft beer, cocktails, wine, and locally roasted coffee. Meanwhile, Giggly is the place to go if you’re looking to indulge in champagne and sparkling wine. For a bite to eat, you can choose from Proof Pizza, which offers Neapolitan style pizza, or Aria, an artisanal restaurant that serves up classic midwestern food. There’s also The Dark Room, which is currently open to private groups only. At this intimate restaurant, steak and seafood are the dishes of choice. 

Group Events 

Saint Kate Art Hotel
Bring the groups by the bus load. Saint Kate has the space to accommodate all your needs.


In addition to everything else that Saint Kate has to offer, they also have the capability to accommodate large groups. Whether you’re planning a conference, wedding, meeting, or family reunion, the hotel is able and willing to assist with your gathering. With seven meeting rooms, on-site catering, private dining spaces, and full-service multimedia, the Saint Kate Hotel is a perfect destination for your group gathering!

Between the incredible artwork, the creative accommodations, the flavorful dining, and the lively entertainment, Saint Kate truly is unlike any other hotel. By prioritizing, promoting, and supporting the arts, it’s able to provide a unique one-of-a-kind experience that delights guests and artists alike!

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Saint Kate Art Hotel
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