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Tips For Essential Travel During COVID-19

Tips For Essential Travel During COVID-19

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Essential travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic means you are out and about during one of the most challenging times in world history.

Shelter in place does mean staying home for everyone. We do have to head out the door for some essential reasons which may be down the street or to another city.  And, we can’t forget our furry family members would love to continue walking routines. Here are a couple of tips from the CDC 

1. Shopping for food

  • Follow the posted guidelines in your grocery store
  • Choose hours when there are less shoppers – morning hours are best
  • Wipe the shopping cart handle with disinfectant wipes. – Bring along your own, in case there are none at the store
  • Be observant and stay 6 feet away from others while shopping.
  • Stay focused and make sure you are staying within the required distance
  • When possible use the touch-less option for selecting and paying for items.  If not, sanitize your hands after paying and before touching additional items (steering wheel, car door handle, cell phone)
  • Keep hand sanitizers in your pocket or car
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2.  Picking up curb-side ordered food

  • Prepay online
  • Most restaurants have curbside pickup, others may have the option of coming inside for pick up which may be faster but requires more exposure with others.  Restaurants with the option of coming inside will set rules for how that is done.


3.  Banking

  • This is a great time to start online banking
  • Clean keypads with a disinfecting wipe before using an ATM
  • Drive thru – clean your hand with hand sanitizer after your transaction
  • Plan ahead for how much money you will need to spend during your essential trip.  Pay for as much as possible online to avoid person-to-person contact and handling money or credit cards.  This helps you avoid needing to bank online or in person

4.  Getting Gas

  • Use gloves when handling the pump.  No gloves – wipe down the handle with disinfecting wipes before you touching the handle and keypad.
  • After fueling, use a hand sanitizer  or wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. 

5. Flying

  • Airlines are implementing policies to block middle seats to meet the distancing requirements
  • Check in online to avoid using kiosk keypads
  • Once on board wipe your whole area – seat, tray table, entertainment screen
  • Wipe your hands with sanitizer before eating
  • Bring your own food.
  • Stand 6 feet apart when checking in, boarding and deplaning
  • Select a window seat. This choice places you away from the aisle where everyone is walking and you’re more exposed to germs

6.  Walking your dog

  • Avoid areas where you may be required to get close to others while handling your dog
  • Avoid dog parks where groups of people may gather
  • Take dogs on a walk along walkways where it’s just you and your dog and you’re less likely to encounter others dog owners wanting to chat.
  • Discourage others from coming over to pet or play with your dog
  • Wipe their paws when you return home

7. When traveling

  • Bring along hand sanitizers 60% alcohol 
  • Bring along soap, bottle water and roll of paper towels
  • If traveling with your dog, bring all supplies and food to avoid needing to stop and shop for items.
  • Bring bottle water and a water bowl

For more information visit the Center for Disease Control 

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