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I Travel Because with Adrienne Booth Johnson

I Travel Because With
Adrienne Booth Johnson

I travel becauseI travel because….. it is not a very hard sentence to complete for Adrienne Johnson. When she shares her travel story, she tells us about her first flight and trip to Europe at what some would call “later in life.” But she was a young adult traveling with her son, and it was an exceptional experience to have with him, exploring a city new to both of them.
Adrienne’s love for travel grows more and more through her career traveling and working with Coca Cola. The need to empower women to become business owners and enhance their lives became her motivation to visit other countries and help women fully realize their potential. In our “I travel because” series, I asked Adrienne to share her travel story. We start with her first trip, yet what is most inspiring about her story is how she has moved travel from an “I want to go here and see this” to “how can I help others around the world reach their highest potential.” Listen to her story, and you’ll be inspired too.

Photos from Adrienne’s last visit to working with the Wo Ye Bra Project and women in Ghana, and Sierra Leone. Click the link above for more information.


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Written by – Annita Thomas
On-Air Personality
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