Travel Round Up – Sept. 18th

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We’re starting something NEW!!!

Travel Bags With Annita & Friends is ready to give you the top, trending travel news and info from the week!  Did you miss anything? Here it is?

Each week Travel Bags will share with you the latest in travel and adventure news from around the web – all in one post. After reading our articles on fall travel and traveling during times of civil and political unrest, here are 10 more articles to enable your wanderlust and make you more travel savvy.

  • 16 Hotels With Five-Star Style for Less Than $200 a Night by Nikki Ekstein via Travel + Leisure
    Sometimes the airfare alone is enough to scare us away from traveling abroad, never mind the hotel rates. With this list from Nikki Ekstein, however, you can find destinations from Finland to Morocco all with starting rates at an affordable price. Finding a fun and cost-savvy place to stay is one less thing to worry about when planning a trip abroad.
  • The Extraordinary World of Soviet Bus Shelters by Barry Neild via CNN
    This is a fascinating story about the decade-long project of photographer Christopher Herwig. Herwig explored countries comprising the former Soviet Union in search of uniquely designed bus stops that were created before independence. As Neild suggests, the project provided artists of the time a chance to express their creativity. Not only are the pictures and the stories behind them captivating, this project also serves as inspiration for an unconventional travel idea.
  • One Woman’s Mission to Photograph Every Native American Tribe in the U.S. by Hilal Isler via The Guardian
    Speaking of unconventional travel, photographer Matika Wilbur has been on the road for three years photographing every Native American tribe that is federally registered in the United States. A member of the Swinomish and Tulalip tribes, Wilbur hopes that her photographs will humanize Native Americans to the general public and help eradicate harmful images and stereotypes. Isler writes that Wilbur is set to finish her project at the end of this month in the Northeast U.S. and plans to continue sharing her work through exhibitions and other platforms.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Off-Season Travel by Dalia Colon via Cheap Tickets
    The off-season for travel has plenty of deals and opportunities, but it’s also considered the off-season for a reason. It’s important to be informed about the weather and scheduling of events before you plan a bargain trip. This article provides a breakdown of the pros and cons of traveling in the off-season, as well as what that means for several popular cities across the country.
  • Why You Should Travel With Your Aging Parents by Valerie M. Grubb via Huffington Post
    Valerie M. Grubb’s website and soon-to-be published book are dedicated to traveling with your aging parents. While your parents may not be your first idea of travel partners, discovering a new place with them or planning their ideal escape makes for a unique and memorable bonding experience that will no doubt create lasting memories.
  • Why Does Air Travel Make People So Grumpy? by Ester Bloom via The Atlantic
    There are several grievances we encounter when going out in public. For some reason, however, air travel is exceptional in its ability to annoy people. Bloom examines why air travel specifically leads customers to a sour mood or even to rant on Twitter about their bad experiences.
  • Five Myths About Travel to Africa by Everett Potter via USA Today
    As Everett Potter writes, the first mistake we make about the second-biggest continent in the world is constantly referring to it as if it’s one nation. When in fact, the continent of Africa is home to a wide variety of people, cultures, and landscapes that deserve to be acknowledged. One of the best ways to rid ourselves of misconceptions is to get firsthand experience.


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