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Travel Round-Up – check it out!

December is upon us! Start the month off with great travel round-up reads, from Annita’s article on heritage tourism to links from around the web below. Enjoy our travel round-up for this week.

Future Thrills: 10 Rides That May Be Coming to Theme Parks by Arthur Levine via USA Today
Virtual reality, ziplines, and more. This article details exciting innovations expected to hit theme parks starting in 2016. Even if you don’t care for thrill rides, there are plenty of fun things to do at theme parks while your friends and family check out the new rides.
America’s Most Beautiful Barrier Islands by Fodor’s via Huffington Post
Scattered along the coasts of the United States are hidden gems, peaceful islands with unique stories and personalities. Each location would make a great spring break or even a day trip to the nearby islands.
18 Jobs That Let You Travel the World by Jen Birn via Yahoo Travel
If you can do what you love for a living, go for it. This list contains a wide variety of jobs that provide opportunities to see the world and fall even more in love with travel.
Malaysia’s Greatest Theme Parks by David Hogan, Jr. via CNN
Speaking of theme parks, Malaysia is making a name for itself as a top location for thrill ride enthusiasts and movie fans alike. Among the ten upcoming theme parks in the country is Twentieth Century Fox World with attractions based on movies like Night at the Museum and Planet of the Apes.
The Best Hiking Spots Near Your Favorite Cities by Lindsey Campbell via Travel + Leisure
Balance the hustle and bustle of the town with the fresh air of these hiking destinations. There’s plenty to do in big cities, but for those who enjoy nature just as much, planning hikes where possible can make a particular city trip, even more, unique and memorable.
12 Road Trip Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity During Holiday Travel by Jennifer Valdez via Elite Daily
If you were on the road during Thanksgiving, congratulations for making it through round one of holiday travel. Things will no doubt pick-up even more in the month of December, and these tips will help make road travel a little easier.
Ask the Captain: Does Flying Ever Lose Its Appeal? by John Cox via USA Today
USA Today readers submitted questions for retired airline captain John Cox. Cox’s answers about the wonder and appeal of flying are sure to be inspiring to all travel enthusiasts.
The World’s Most Spectacular Ceilings That Prove The Best View Is Always Up by Damon Dahlen via Huffington Post
Enjoy this gorgeous gallery of ceilings from buildings around the world and use it as inspiration to appreciate the detailed architecture you come across in your travels.
Gift Guide: Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Travel Lovers by Nadine Jolie Courtney via Yahoo Travel
These stocking stuffers will come in handy for frequent travelers. They’re small enough to be carry-ons, and they’re reusable so that they can become staples in all future journeys.
The Tiny Island of Shooting Stars by Norman Miller via BBC
The Channel Island of Sark has gained recognition for its efforts to fight light pollution. The tiny island has no streetlights or cars, and the visibility of the night sky is magical. View the article for pictures of the island and its other attractions.

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Travel Round-up


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