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Travel Round-Up Dec. 14

Wow!  Great Travel Round-up articles this week!

Welcome back to another edition of the Travel Round-Up where we gather interesting and helpful links from around the web. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

9 Hotels That Go All-Out For Christmas by Marnie Hunter via CNN
Sometimes decorations and scenery can help us get in the holiday spirit. These hotels range from traditional Christmas looks to unique winter-themed sculptures, explore the gallery and article to learn more.
Top 20 Museums in the USA via USA Today
Using Yelp’s ratings system, this gallery showcases museum-goers’ favorite destinations from this past year. There are some names most of us are familiar with, but there may be a few you have to discover yet.
No Limits: Adventure Travel for People With Disabilities by Ann Abel via Yahoo Travel
Adventure travel can be a rewarding experience for anyone who tries it, and no one should be excluded from that opportunity. This article profiles individuals who have helped make adventure travel a more inclusive and open industry for all.
Say Hello to the Floating Hotel of Your Sci-Fi Fantasies by John Scarpinato via Travel and Leisure
A journey without a destination – that’s the goal behind this exciting concept for a new hotel. Read more about its futuristic design and a long list of proposed amenities.
The Biggest Travel Flops (and Successes) of 2015 by Liz Weiss via U.S. News
Use this 2015 recap to catch up on some of the biggest travel trends and use their success or failure as a barometer for trends to come in 2016.
10 Steps to Secure Your Finances Before You Travel by Andrew Housser via WREX
Travel safety extends to your finances. Traveling far away from home is bound to present unexpected obstacles, but the advice in this article can help prevent financial security from becoming one of those obstacles.
10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Ice Skating Rinks by Laura Ma and Jason Kwok via CNN
Ice skating is a great way to celebrate the winter season with family and friends and what makes it, even more, special is that it is celebrated all across the globe. Check out this gallery to see who does it best.
Custom Rankings: Top 20 Ski Resorts in North America by Christopher Steiner via USA Today
Winter has only just begun and with it, the skiing season has kicked into gear. This article proves that there are several great destinations for skiing in North America, and the details that accompany the gallery help define what makes each destination unique.
Check out Europe’s 10 Most Magnificent Railway Stations by Barbara Woolsey via Road Warrior Voices
We might expect to find breathtaking architecture in museums and other historic buildings, but we can’t forget t0 include these railway stations that help further enhance the allure of traveling by train.
5 People Who Make a Fortune Traveling by Sophie Forbes via Yahoo Travel
These five travelers turned their passion for exploring into a career. Read about their stories and watch the accompanying video for advice on how to make money traveling the world.

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