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Happy Sunday! With the holidays coming up and many of us planning to stay at our friends’ and family’s homes for a few days, our article on being a great houseguest will surely come in handy. Enjoy these travel links from around the web!

  • 10 Amazing New Luxury Journeys to Experience in 2016 by Mark Johanson via CNN
    As mentioned in last week’s round-up, several locations across the globe are on the rise as popular tourist spots. This list features more cities and countries that are either on the comeback trail or establishing themselves to tourists for the first time, complete with luxury itineraries.
  • The 51 Longest Highways in the USA via USA Today
    Ever want to keep driving just to see where the road takes you? The highways on this list could take you to any number of places with several exciting stops along the way. Many say the best way to see the U.S. is by car and this list provides a great way to start that journey.
  • Expedia 2015 Airplane Etiquette Study by Sarah Waffle Gavin via Expedia
    1,019 travelers participated in Expedia’s study and the article attached showcases a graphic of the most common air travel annoyances. Perhaps these results will play a role in influencing the future of air travel design and technology.
  • Avoid These 10 Costly Travel Mistakes by Charlene Oldham via Las Vegas Review Journal
    Traveling smart and savvy is somewhat of an art form. It requires a lot of preparation and know-how, but at the same time there must be a willingness to let go of one’s plans and embrace the unknown. The tips provided in this article will help travelers at least start off on the right foot.
  • 5 Reasons Why Traveling By Rail is the Best Way to See Europe by Mosaka Williamson via U.S. News
    Most are aware of the romantic idea of traveling by train, but fewer may know about the ease and convenience of it. In Europe there are several unique options for train travelers to see all the continent has to offer.
  • 26 Pin-Worthy Winter Travel Destinations by Ashley Paige via Pop Sugar
    Get a feel for the upcoming season with this gallery of winter wonderlands. Some may think if they’ve seen one snowy mountainside, they’ve seen them all, but this gallery showcases the true diversity of the season.
  • Using Travel to Explore Roots and Culture by Kristi Eaton via The Ledger
    Many travelers long to feel connected to their surroundings and the rise of a trend called heritage tourism is influencing the way tourism and recreation departments operate.
  • How to Pack Tastier Food When You Travel by Claire Lower via Life Hacker
    Whether on the road or flying on a plane, it’s easy for the quality of the food we eat to become an afterthought when compared everything else we have to think about when planning a trip. But eating the right food can help prevent catching colds, keep you more alert, and truly fulfill your appetite.
  • Dronestagram: See the World Through the Eyes of a Bird by Sheena McKenzie via CNN
    Enjoy the unique perspective of drone landscape photography. The article also includes an interview with the founder of Dronestagram, Eric Dupin, regarding this new style of photography.
  • These 5 Cities Have Women-Only Transportation Options by Barbara Woolsey via Road Warrior Voices
    For women traveling solo or in small groups, some may feel more comfortable using these women-only transportation options. The list is only a small sample of what appears to be a growing trend across the globe.


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