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Travel Round-Up Oct. 18

Happy Sunday! It’s week five of our round-up and we hope you’ve found helpful tips and gained even more inspiration to travel to new places. First, check out our article on exploring Las Vegas beyond its iconic strip. Next, peruse these links for more travel fun.

  • How to Travel with a Full-Time Job by JoAnna Niles via Huffington Post
    Being a travel enthusiast and working a full-time job may require a bit of creativity, but JoAnna Niles writes that it is possible to find that balance. Niles shares a few tips to keep in mind when configuring your vacation and holiday time off.
  • 10 Travel Experts Reveal Their Dream Vacations via Harper’s Bazaar
    Travel experts from television and the web not only share places you might not have considered before, they also provide unique details of fun and interesting things to do in their dream destinations.
  • 5 Companies That Completely Changed the Travel Industry by via Nasdaq
    The five companies listed helped shape the modern travel industry, and they have plenty more in store that will continue to influence how we plan our trips. They will also have to compete with upcoming travel apps and sites that are filling the gaps in the online travel industry.
  • 5 Simple Tips for Saving on Holiday Travel by Kerry Sherin via US News
    As we’ve talked about before, the holiday season is fast approaching and the time to finalize travel plans is now. Kerry Sherin shares a few tips that help travelers avoid tricky extra costs when traveling during the holiday season.
  • Travel to a Skiing Sensation via Independent
    With the winter right around the corner, many travelers are dreaming of skiing getaways. Switzerland is perhaps the most popular skiing destination and this article details the best places for skiers of all skill levels and preferences as well as activities away from the slopes.
  • Travel Bloggers: 17 Must-Have Apps for the Road by Jessica Festa via USA Today
    Check out these travel apps and find out which will be most helpful for you. The apps range from maps, translations and conversations to restaurants and farmers market locators.
  • Island Travel Tips: Miss the Hiss, Pick the Purr via NPR
    For Morning Edition, David Plotz of Atlas Obscura shares information about two unique islands located in different parts of the world. Their one similar trait is that they are more populated with an animal species than with people.
  • Airbus Patents a Supersonic Aircraft That Could Fly From London to New York in 1 Hour via Fox News
    While the patent states that the Airbus is intended for military use, the possibility of a supersonic aircraft, updated from the Concorde, is exciting and likely a forecast of the future of air travel overall.
  • Travel With a Personal Touch: The Facts Behind Personalization via Hospitality Net
    In some ways it seems like travel technology is still finding a balance between efficiency and customization. Travelers expect information to be easily accessible but they also want a personal touch. The statistics shared in this article indicate that websites and apps will continue to find ways to form lasting relationships with individual customers.
  • How to Never Overpay for Travel Again by Eve Chen via USA Today
    Not only do travelers have to watch out for added fees, they also have to keep an eye out for price drops to avoid spending more money than they need to spend. This video shares three helpful sites for finding the best travel deals.


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