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I Travel Because With Steven Filby

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I Travel Because with Steven Filby

I travel because has become one of my most favorite series I’ve produced on my show. Far more than a couple of questions I ask of friends and fellow travelers, it is more a way to learn more about the people I know and new friends too. It’s an in-depth conversation which explores the meaning of travel through the stories of people who love to explore the world.

I asked Steven Filby, my friend of 20+ years, to come on the show and answer the list of “I travel because ____!” questions. While traveling together in Australia, we decided what better time to chat about travel than while on a trip. Over a bottle of champagne, chips, and a Coke, we sat out on a 15-minute question and answer recording, but decided to wrap up after 45 minutes of talking and laughing. Our usual manner of sharing time, but this day we talked about our mutual love of travel and how it has shaped our lives and our friendship.

The Travel Bags With Annita show is a 40-minute radio show, and it would be difficult to impossible to include our whole conversation. However, the wonders of technology allowed me to edit the unnecessary bloopers out of the recording, resulting in a 35-minute version. We start with my asking about his first memories of traveling. We also moved to sharing his thoughts about why we as humans find so much fascination with travel and going to different places around the world. I especially enjoyed sharing so much about our trips, where our thoughts and feelings are the same. And, as we finished our champagne and snacks, we headed out for dinner in Brisbane to a lovely restaurant by the water, watching the boats come and go, most likely just around the city. Still, for us, it represented the love of adventure and exploration. Just what we love!

I want to share our whole conversation.

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