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Travel Trends For 2022

Travel Trends For 2022


Travel trends for 2022 researched by Expedia will help you get on track with what’s new, exciting and adventurous for the new year. What’s coming up for travelers ready to take a step outside their door and explore?

There are predictions and expectations for what we are craving for 2022. 

Here are 11 trends for travel in the new year, and one or two of them may be your outlook for travel adventure 2022.



travel trends for 2022
Travelers have been following their favorite destinations on TV and in glossy brochures; now it’s time to GO and have the greatest of all trips. 


G O A T has new meaning from tagging the Olympians GOAT – For the traveler it’s “Greatest Of All Trips” – Expedia’s 2022 travel trends report found that 68% of Americans plan to go big on their next trip and splurge on their travel dreams. And, not from the standpoint of busting the budget type splurges, but going for exciting destinations they may have only dreamed of visiting.  


 travel trends for 2022
International destinations are back on the trending list. Where will you go?


Domestic and International Destinations are on the list – Travel has focused on staying close, staying safe, and traveling within a bubble. Next year, travelers look to international destinations like Rome, Bali, London, Paris, Riviera Maya, and domestic sites like Orlando, Destin, Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge, Panama City and Maui. Some are big-time dream destinations, yet others may surprise you. According to Expedia, both international and domestic destinations are trending for 2022.  


 Travel Trends for 2022
Last minute getaways are trending; perfect for taking advantage of last minute deals.


Spontaneous – Spur of the moment travel – Over the last two years, planning travel has been disappointing for many with dramatically changing or canceling travel plans. But wait, there is an excellent side to the “spur-of-the-moment” approach – last-minute deals have always been a thing, and the go with the flow attitude could be a win-win. With their survey, Expedia found 25% of respondents said they are willing to be more spontaneous and live in the moment – travel when they have the time, money, and most of all, during these trying times – we can go when the travel environment says go! Travelers are becoming more spontaneous with travel options – Call it COVID fatigue or staying the course of travel ups and downs during a pandemic. Expedia is seeing an increase in scraping the schedule and being more “spur of the moment.”  


Travel Trends for 2022
Upgrade your experience for a splurge-cation


A new trend – Moving from Staycations to Splurge-cations – Who’s ready to upgrade their vacation? Splurging on first-class travel whether by train or plane, choosing their dream car when renting a car, hotel room upgrades, choosing a luxury hotel, VIP lounge access at hotels and airport; it’s all about taking your vacation from Wow to Wow, Wow, Wow! According to the latest survey – 40% of U.S. travelers are prepared to make up for missed opportunities from cancellations and travel restrictions; and how are they doing that…. with an upgrade for more fun and living the lux life. 


Travel Trends for 2022
Plan a longer stay and immerse yourself in the community, culture, people and traditions.


Slow travel – We’ve seen this in the past. Travelers are aching to get back out there & they want more immersion and experiential travel. Slow travel is one way to do this, focusing on less impact on the environment and more impact on experiences. Vacations with more philanthropic holidays, responsible travel, sabbatical itineraries, and trips expertly planned for engagement with the people and culture are in demand. Trips where the footprints you leave advance the destination instead of the stop-and-go travel where main tourists sites have visitors exploring with no regard for preserving or learning more about the destination; they are in less demand and replaced with more fulfilling itineraries.  


You’ve been wishing and dreaming – now’s the time to Just Do It!


Taking a deep breath and trying new adventures – especially outside of your comfort zone – and stepping outside of that comfort zone to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience is the new “you only live once or time is short” attitude. Travelers are looking for adventures like sky-diving, trekking the Himalayans, mountain climbing, deep-sea diving, trying local foods, taking a heritage dance class, or visiting the Gorillas in Uganda. The new year brings interest in experiences we may have only watched on TV or seen in the glossy brochures and wished for; now, 2022 is trending as the year to put it on your list and make it happen. 


2022 travel trends
Put social media posts on pause and be in the moment with travel mates


A break from social media – could this REALLY be true? – Yes, the survey says – people are shifting from the document every moment to engaging in every moment. Being present and mindful is trending. Yes, we can snap those pictures to share the experience and capture the time together. Still, the constant posting and sharing are low on the survey, and relaxing and expecting the moment with the people you are traveling with makes a vacation special. 


2022 travel trends
Grandparents are ready to safely and budget-consciously take grandchildren on a road trip.


Flying vs. driving continues to be a big question – Concern about high airfare is just one concern. As travelers see and hear about flight cancellations due to staffing, destination closings, and strict mandates, the option to drive is still top of the list. Staying within the safety bubble continues to be a concern and a way of travel. 


2022 Travel Trends
What works best – short term rentals or hotel stays? B&B’s are a great option too. 


Hotels vs. Short Term Rentals – Hotels stays are on the rise. Short Term Rental sites are starting to get push back from travelers. Higher fees from booking sites and fees charged by hosts are driving up the costs of staying in a short-term rental. For travelers going solo, couples, and small groups, choosing a hotel could be better on the budget than a short-term rental. For families and large groups, short-term rentals continue to offer a better deal for staying within a budget.


2022 travel trends
Rental or purchase, RV’s are popular and a great way to travel.


RVing – Go RVing has numbers to prove road trips are still a favorite way to travel and see the U.S. and boarding countries. And, it’s not just your retirees who are buying or renting RV’s. Younger travelers see RVing as a way to have a nomad life, traveling, seeing the sights, and working with a magnificent view; how about one of our beautiful National Parks as a background. “Yes, please!” The flexibility and spontaneity of having everything at your disposal and being able to “just go” is attracting more and more people to the RV life – and renting or buying are both great options.  


2022 travel trends
The mandates are there. Take along a masks to avoid disappointments.


Attitudes about COVID are changing. Around the world, it is becoming apparent COVID will be here, and travelers are becoming aware it is best to find ways to weave it into our daily lives. Travelers with a healthy attitude toward rules, protocols, and mandates will enjoy a more pleasant and less stressful vacation. The trend for 2022 will be to research the destination to avoid disappointments and possible cancellations and take precautions to keep you and your family healthy and safe. Online booking sites are seeing an increase in travel as we move into 2022 – new ways of seeing the world are becoming the status quo. We want to do what humans have done for centuries – explore the world to see what’s out there!

And, more people are traveling with pets.  Click here for a link to great tips for taking your fur babies along with you.

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