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TSA New Ruling

Is the new ruling by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) the best idea for the flying public?  

It appears the ruling is getting the thumbs down with outcry from many interested groups.  Frequent flyers, unions, general public, families of the 911 victims, airline crews and Delta’s CEO, Richard Anderson have all voiced disapproval.  

The original ban started after 911 to ensure the safety of passengers and crew working onboard the airplane.  Most people feel allowing the knives back on the airplane does not make us feel more secure and questions the process of keeping the skies safe for the traveling public.  No aerosol spray cans, but knives and toy bats?

Along with the small knives other items previously banned will be allowed:

  • Two golf clubs
  • Toy bats
  • Sports sticks – ski poles, lacrosse sticks and hockey sticks.

This doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.  So could the debate help rescind the ruling or will we show up at airport security after April 25 to find the new regulations well underway as we remove shoes, belts and toss our half full water bottles into the trash?

What do you think?  Share your thoughts!

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