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Vacation Rental Travel Insurance

Vacation Rental Travel Insurance

Vacation Rental Travel Insurance

Vacation rental homes grow in popularity as the perfect way for families to spend time together and a safe way to follow social distancing mandates. The options are many, with cottages, houses, luxury tents, condos, and RV’s available to meet personal preferences and travel styles.  

The fun in planning a trip is getting everyone’s idea on where to go and what to do. However, most people do not think about adding travel insurance during the planning process. Cruising or flying is what most people feel needs to be insured.  Adding travel insurance to your vacation rental stay makes a big difference in your overall experience. 

Here are six tips for handling unforeseen situations when renting a vacation home and how insurance can help you solve the issue with less stress and more resolutions when you select one of Allianz Travel Insurance options.

Vacation Rental Homes Travel Insurance
Take the worry out of becoming ill – Allianz Travel Insurance covers it. 

Trip interruptions are the most common reasons vacations stop before they even start. Work changes and illness before you leave are show stoppers, and each one is covered by travel insurance. As disappointing as a canceled vacation can be, having your investment covered eases the pain of saying “I can’t go right now!” 

Vacation Rental Homes Travel Insurance
Bring on the joy! Deposits are covered.

Non-refundable rental deposits are like a mystery. “Where does the money go?” What’s not a mystery is Allianz travel insurance covers situations that may require canceling your trip; natural disasters, jury duty, illness, or injury can stall your travel plans before they start. One aspect of renting a vacation home is the dreaded dead-end deposit.  Take the fear away and recover your non-refundable rental deposit, and you are ready for a brighter day. 

Vacation Rental Homes Travel Insurance
Medical emergencies can stop your plans. Allianz travel insurance covers you.

Medical Emergencies can be the most serious vacation situation, requiring immediate attention, and a call to the 24-hour assistance will get you on the road to recovery locating a nearby medical facility for the care you need. Allianz professionals will keep your family up to date and help with any next steps. Focus on recovering and Allianz will work on all the details.  

Weather can disrupt and stall your plans 

Unpredictable Weather Conditions can cause evacuations, canceled plans, and emergency medical situations. Each one is covered by travel insurance. It is important to note that travel insurance must be purchased before the storm is named. During hurricane season it is best to purchase coverage even if there isn’t a storm forecasted at the moment.  Allianz can keep you up to date on weather conditions in your area and keep you out of harms way.  

Vacation rental homes Travel Insurance
Friendly, professional and quick response; that’s the Allianz Concierge Services specialist.

Allianz Travel Insurance Concierge Services have professional who know vacations are about relaxing and feeling stress-free. A concierge specialist will do the legwork for you, providing options for all the things we love to do. Restaurants, tours, historic sites; they can help you find them. All you’ll need to do is arrive at your scheduled reservation time, provide payment, and enjoy. Allianz Travel Insurance = Stress-free vacations. Planning made easy!

Vacation Rental Homes Travel Insurance
Expert tips and assistance at your fingers tips.

Allianz TravelSmart App – brings it all together. Your Allianz Travel Insurance plan comes with TravelSmart, a free app to help you plan before and during your trip. In addition to giving you a convenient way to see your plan benefits all in one place, TravelSmart App puts valuable information at your fingertips. The Alerts feature gives you timely location-based updates to stay aware of developing events around you. TravelSmart App uses geolocation for updates on situations where you are traveling, including health and security risks, transportation disruptions, weather advisories, and cultural considerations. These updates allow you to know in advance any changes which may interrupt your trip so you can check your options and adjust your plans based on expert advice 24/7. 

A favorite of the TravelSmart App is the Around Me feature, which helps you find services nearby. Finding medical facilities, pharmacies, and police stations are just a click away with a 24-hour assistance who can assist with precisely what you need. When on vacation and situations change, there is no time to waste. The TravelSmart App is essential when you’re away from home. 

Allianz Travel Insurance puts time on your side and takes the stress out of your vacation so you can put all of the fun in every day and everything you do. 

For more information and to choose your travel insurance plan, visit their website – and for more about  Allianz Travel Insurance plans and TravelSmart App 

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