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Everyone talks about the Maryland crabs.  I grew up in the Maryland area and my family is from the South Carolina Low Country, so I know a thing or two about crabs. Now, down on the Georgia coast the local folks have crab pods and they set ’em out, come back a little later and they have their crabs. It’s a rite of passage to learn how to get your own crabs. No messing around. But, there are some big crabs swimming around the Georgia coastal area. I mean big ones.  My friends over at Dock Side Seafood Market go out with their boats and come back with shrimp, fish and big ol’ crabs.  

DSC_2061Recently I went by and got a dozen and a half for me and my wife Annita. She has become a big time crab eater. She didn’t start out that way.  I use to have the honor of cracking and picking her crabs all while doing the same for myself.  But, now she digs in and goes for the claws first.

The last order was full of big number one size crabs.  One was larger than a dollar bill.  They were huge! And, the meat was sweet and tender. My wife was lucky the biggest one was in her pile of crabs. 

Back to Dockside.  It’s located in Shellman Bluff not too far off of GA state highway 17.  They will sell the crabs live or they’ll cook them for you.  They do a great job cooking them – so I always request that my friends at Dockside cook them, placing ’em hot and steaming in an aluminum pan, covered with foil.  And,  we’re ready to start eating as soon as I get them home.

If you’re planning a trip to the Georgia coast, stop by and pick up crabs, shrimp and fish.  No need to head all the way up to Maryland, when Georgia has some of the best blue crabs swimming in the Atlantic. Yum.  Now, go get a bushel.  

Here’s their contact info.  Give them a call.

Dockside Seafood Market

Address:  6082 Shellman Bluff Rd NE, Townsend, GA 31331
Telephone:  (912) 832-2722

Author:  Doc Bill



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