10 Money Saving Tips For Travel

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10 Money Saving Tips For Travel
When the world is in a financial pinch


We need it now – 10 money saving tips for travel. Who isn’t feeling the strain of “keeping up with the Jones” these days? And, it’s extra hard because the Jones are struggling too! It’s “crazy times” for an affordable getaway.
Here are 10 things to consider for money savings and less financial anxiety when you return home.

Travel during the week when rates are lower, availability for the things you want to do are better, and the crowds are less. Bingo! You’re saving already!

Search and search again for best rates and trends. Use websites like Kayak, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Agoda, Hotwire, and Momondo to help you search for the best rates with air, hotel, car rental, and sometimes tours.

Package deals – they bundle everything together and save money and time. And, we all know that your time is valuable too. Sites like Kayak, Expedia, and Orbitz are true-blue online search sites that will find deals and tell you what’s trending. For more inclusive and extensive trips, check out Delta Vacations; they are convenient for international trips with great options.

Loyalty programs are your best friend. Use your reward credit cards to pay for everything where they are accepted. You stack up the points and miles during the year and trade them in for travel goodies when you’re ready to go! Why not get a payoff for supporting brands throughout the year? It all adds up.

Out of the way, peaceful destinations. Plan a getaway to disconnect and recharge in a smaller, less popular location. Search for out-of-the-way destinations; small towns, villages, and remote areas can save a lot, and you’ll come home less stressed and not looking for a vacation after your vacation. You can thank me later.

Bring your own food! One way to say ouch when traveling is with packaged food prices, especially at transportation locations. The bus and train stations and, oh, yes, the airport; the food price is outrageous, especially for families traveling with big appetites. Pack your own food to avoid costly meals on the go.

Cut down the cost of travel with visits to all the local places you’ve been saying you’ll visit. Check out the activities in your city and state. Look for festivals and events that will be memorable, and you’re close to home, so there are no costs for accommodations. That’s a win!! Now’s the time, and your budget will thank you too.

 I’ll just charge it! No! You won’t. We are living in the “just charge it” times, and credit card interests and fees can eat up your budget. Less budget means less travel. Save and plan for travel, ensuring you can do what you’ve always dreamed of without paying it off for months or years.

Buddy up with a friend for fun and savings. One word of caution – makes sure everything is clear before leaving. Sort out – Who pays for what; who gets to choose activities; if you’re driving who drives when and what’s expected while each person is at the wheel. I’ve heard it all, including arguments about who chooses what to listen to in the car – radio, podcast, audiobook? Decide on everything you can think of before you leave. It’s important to come back as friendly as you departed.

Make copies of essential documents with hard copies or screenshots. A duplicate copy of tour tickets could save having to replace a ticket. No additional fees here; that’s a please and thank you wrapped up in one.

Most of all, planning and saving can help you stay within budget. When you know how much you have to spend, you can plan around it and manage costs better. No plan means no management, which could spell financial troubles with your vacation plans.

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