20 Tips For Travel Sustainability – What can I do to make a difference

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20 Tips For Travel Sustainability
What can I do to make a difference

Here are 20 tips for travel sustainability that will help turn the word sustainability into action. There are ways we can make a difference while having fun and seeing the sites.  These tips are from sustainability and conservation experts and travel destination who have stepped up to ensure our favorite places remain strong – – the environment, culture/traditions, communities, wildlife and cuisine. These 20 tips for travel sustainability will make a difference in communities where travel is vital and merging wildlife, businesses, culture, traditions and travelers is critical.

  1.  Research your destination and choose those that prioritize sustainable tourism and the natural balance of nature and humanity.

2. Choose activities that allow you to connect with the environment and gain a greater understanding of the local culture and community.

3. Respect local customs and traditions; Learn about and abide by local laws, ordinances,  and regulations. Remember the places we visit are home to those who live there and want their communities to remain strong.

tips for travel to europe

Biking is very popular for day-to-day travel to/from work

4.  Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly transportation options, such as electric vehicles or public transportation, or even bike-friendly destinations, and by minimizing waste and energy usage.

Shop and support merchants at the craft market

5.  Support local businesses and communities by shopping locally and choosing sustainable tourism options.  Many businesses depend on the tourism monies that come their way.

Family relaxing on beach camping holiday

6. Leave no trace by avoiding littering, minimizing your impact on natural areas, and properly disposing of waste, including broken beach umbrellas or beach toys. Place recyclable items in their proper bins. This makes it easy for items to be handled properly.

7.  Become more informed and aware of brands who are making significant progress in conservation.  Support those companies and share their initiatives with others.

8. Buy sustainable products; those which have been made from recycled items and are made from materials easily recycled.  There are many products available and are generally easily recognizable with recycled tags. 

9.  Searching the web for places to visit and stay, check out their sustainability policy on their website and ask questions about how they handle conservation and sustainability.

20 tips for travel sustainability

Cleaning products can be green.

10.  Look for climate friendly products for beauty, wellness and lifestyle products.

11.  Find conservation & sustainability organizations you may want to join, volunteer with and or become involved in their programing.

12.  Ride a bike for the local tour rather than automobile service.

Friends walking

13.  Walk. It’s also great for your health.

14.  Plan routes ahead of time to minimize idle fuel consumption.

15.  Use climate-friendly fuels, when available.

20 tips for travel sustainability

Local shrimp

16.  Check the menu for sustainably sourced food options which support local farmers and vendors.

17.  Resist the temptation to take that unopened plastic shampoo bottle from the hotel when you depart.  Leave it for the next guests. This avoids replacements and additional supplies of materials.

18.  Volunteer to help build a community. There are many opportunities to visit destinations and help with local projects.

Culture Day in October.

19.  Absorb the local culture, finding appreciation for the inherent uniqueness of the people.

20.  Clean up after yourself. This is not only responsible, but respectful of the people and places we visit.

There’s more to add to our 20 tips for travel sustainability. The Outer Banks, NC has 7 Leave No Trace Principles.

Some tips from Yank Moore, Director of Conservation for the Jekyll Island Authority on the Georgia coast.


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