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Why use a travel agent?

The internet has changed the way travel’s done. In the old days travelers actually had to go through travel agents to book airfare tickets and travel packages. That changed in the late 1990′s when Delta made a decision to stop paying airfare commissions to travel agents. Other carriers soon followed …

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Carry-on bag 3-1-1

You and Your Carry On Bag – 
A very special relationship Your carry on bag is very special to you. It holds all of your items you don’t want to check, items you want right by your side during the flight and most importantly you never want to hear, “I’m …

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My Personal Travel Pharmacy

Your Travel Pharmacy Your bags are packed, and you’re ready to go! Before you head out the door, there is an additional item to add  – it’s your personal travel pharmacy. Fill it with things you’ll need just in case. Here’s our list: Travel Pharmacy list Medicines ☐ Destination related …

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