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5 Travel Tips For Pets

Travel Tips For Pets

5 Travel Tips For Pets

Travel Tips For Pets help with planning and ensuring we have checked all the boxes for a fun and stress-free vacation for everyone.  As more and more people travel with their family fur babies, it is important to think about many of the details before we leave home.  And, not only think about them, but put plans in place to ensure our pets stay happy and healthy.  Here are five key tips to make sure we are all having a fun getaway.

 Visit your veterinarian 

Check with your vet for vaccinations your dog or cat will need depending on where you are traveling. 

Check the destination for any particular outbreaks or prevalence of ticks, poisonous snakes, or other wildlife. Share this information with your vet for any medications that will help if your pet encounters dangerous wildlife or insects. 

Let your vet know if you will be in areas where your pet will swim in lakes or rivers. 

Ask for a copy of your pet’s medication records. Be sure to have a copy of their latest rabies shots. Some places may require proof of up-to-date shots. 

Have you microchipped your pet just in case they wander off on vacation? Confirm with the microchip company that your contact information is correct.

Travel Tips For Pets
 Don’t forget their comfort items.

Pet Packing

Pack enough bottled water for pets too. When leaving home and when heading out with your pet on daytime excursions bring enough water for you and Fido. 

Bring water and food bowls, a pet bed, blankets, and toys. 

Pack treats and food in waterproof containers

Pet body harness, collar, and leash

Pack pet waste bags and kitty litter

Road trips – keep these items in an easy to reach spot:  water and food bowls, treats, and blankets for pet comfort during the journey.



Travel Tips For Pets
Perfect medical kit for both pets and family.

Pet pharmacy (List of items for a First aid kit)

      1. Hydrogen peroxide
      2. Antiseptic cleanser
      3. Non-stick pads and soft roll gauze
      4. Stretch bandage wrap
      5. Tweezers and scissors
      6. Eyewash
      7. Many items in a pet first aid kit would be in our medical kit.
      8. Ask your vet for recommendations of local vet offices. Or your local host.
      9. Purchase pet insurance.
      10. offers a large selection of medical supplies and kits. Including kits designed for hikers. They have everything.

        Travel Tips For Pets
        A look inside the MyMedic kit. Supplies for pet and family.
Travel Tips For Pets
Many accommodations allow pets. Check with your host for any rules and regulations.


When visiting family and friends, talk with them about bringing your pet. Coordinate with them how things will be set up, i.e., feeding, sleep/resting areas, walks, wake and sleep times. The importance of respecting house rules when staying with family and friends is vitally essential to relationships. 

Help your host feel comfortable with any thoughts or feelings about cleanliness around COVID.

Many hotels and short-term rentals allow pets. The requirements vary from property to property. Here are a couple of questions to ask – 

  1. Is there an age or size limit
  2. Is a kennel available, or do I need to bring one for my pet while I’m out of the house/room?
  3. Pet fee – how much, and is it a one-time fee or daily fee.
  4. You know your pet. Does your pet have any destructive tendencies? You may want to consider taking them if the behavior could be very damaging to the accommodation. There could be substantial fees if your pet destroys items that need repair or replacement. 
  5. Consider the needs of your pet – potty breaks, walks, levels of anxiety that may cause barking or upset stomachs. If you’re staying in a high-rise hotel, it could mean several trips outside to accommodate their needs. 
  6. You never know if there will be other pets where you’re staying. RV Parks, short-term rentals, hotels, rest stops along your journey. Place your pet on a leash to avoid conflict with another animal.  
  7. Does your pet enjoy time with you on the sofa or at bedtime? Bring a blanket to cover the furniture.

  8. Bring Fido is a great resource for pet friendly accommodations.
Travel Tips For Pets
Your pet carrier will count as one of your carry-on items.

Flying with pets

The best answer is to check with your airline before booking. Each airline has its own rules and regulations. 

Carry-on is always best if your pet can fit in a carry-container

Delta is our hometown airline – here are some of their regulations. 

  1. Carry on pets – small dogs, cats, and household birds can travel in the cabin for a one-way fee, collected at check-in.
  2. They must fit in a small ventilated pet carrier that will fit under the seat in front of you. This will count as one of your carry-on items. 
  3. The carry-on pet fee varies depending on your destination.
  4. Check for day-to-day changes in policy even after you have made the initial review or reservation. As things change around the globe, so do the rules and regulations. 
  5. There can be an embargo related to rabies or other issues. The bottom line is to check and check again before leaving. 

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