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3-1-1 and the Carry-on bag

What’s 3-1-1? You and Your Carry On Bag – 
A very special relationship Your carry-on bag is unique to you. It holds all of your items you don’t want to check, things you want right by your side during the flight and most importantly you never want to hear, “I’m …

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An Australian movie night

An Australian movie night. When planning an actual trip to a destination is not in the plans, there is a way to travel virtually.  Movies can take us there. And, there is no place more intriguing than Australia. Let’s go down under with a couple of films. Here are a …

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A Pet Vacation at Barnsley Resort

A pet vacation! According to recent statistics, 34% of pet owners travel with their dogs. We agree, there is no need to leave your fur babies at home. More and more accommodations are becoming pet-friendly. We suggest a pet vacation! Beauty and pet-friendly come together at Barnsley Resort, located just …

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Heritage Tourism

Photo:  Hay House in Macon, Georgia Heritage tourism Heritage tourism is all about family, communities, culture and history. When we talk about heritage tourism and our family history, it includes the people, events, and communities of our family line. But while heritage tourism is about our personal families it also …

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Traveling with food for the holidays

Are you traveling with food for the holidays? You have a favorite Thanksgiving dish or you want to arrive with dessert as a “thank you.” Whatever the reason, we have all traveled with food. And, the holiday season is the time of year when food hits the road. Follow these …

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How to be a great houseguest

How to plan a staycation

The holiday season is right around the corner and for many of us we will be houseguests. Visiting family and friends is what the season is all about. There are tips to make sure you are the perfect, polite and neat houseguest; one who will be invited back again. If you …

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Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips are great but when we usually first think of the holiday season, the taste of candied yams, collard greens, cream corn and roasted turkey comes to mind. Gathering around the table, with a crisp white, starched table cloth and all the family and friends and long steamed …

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Vacation and laugh a lot too!

With so many ways to have fun on vacation, why not add laughing to the list of awesome things to do. Around the U.S. and the world too, there are festivals and comedy travel packages to have you busting your sides with laughter. Grad your funny bone and hit the …

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