Destination: Travel 2023 – Trends, Destinations and Tips

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Travel 2023 – Trends, Destinations and Tips

Travel 2023 trends, destinations, and tips will help us get started planning and preparing for travel in the new year. This year we will see travel grow and return to pre-COVID numbers, and travelers will feel more comfortable planning trips further from home. In response to the demand for travel, new hotels are opening, destinations are expanding their advertising and offerings, and travel brands are finding more and more ways to create customer loyalty. 

It’s a great time to start thinking about how you plan to travel this year. Guests on the show offer tips and trends to get you started. Jason Elliott is the owner of The Go Generation. A company that curates and plans luxury trips for discerning travelers. And Nichole Roberts, the creative producer of Travel With Annita, shares her travel tips for making your getaways fit your lifestyle and way of travel. 

Jason and Nichole share the highlights of their recent trip to Puerto Vallarta.

They had a fantastic trip, and the details will undoubtedly have you putting Puerto Vallarta on your list for 2023.

We share our travel picks for 2023:

Jason loves South Africa and recommends several new hotels with hopes of visiting them during the year. Nichole has her eye on Italy and Greece and wants to take her family along. That’s a multigenerational trip and one of the travel trends that continues into 2023. And, for me, Botswana’s top of my list! It’s a destination I have wanted to see for a long, long time. My calendar has a cruise with Scenic Cruises to the Sea of Cortez coming up during the first part of the year. 

What are your plans for 2023? Please share them with us, and let’s make this year one where all your travel dreams come true. 

Ready, set, go! Take a listen to the show and start planning your next vacation.

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