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Episode 21 – Cumberland Island – Snowy Egrets

Cumberland Island Snowy Egret
Photo – U.S. Mint

Cumberland Island – Snowy Egrets are featured on the U.S. Mint Commemorative Quarter for Georgia. The island is a gem of an island, located on the coast of Georgia. It is home to many birds, however one has the elegance and beauty to capture a spot on a U.S. Mint Quarter.

Basking in the sunshine along the Georgia coast and grazing along the water’s edge, their long necks and graceful legs help them to be “spot on” with their aim, landing perfectly upon what they’ve been searching for.  Grazing the salt marsh and plugging along with its bright yellow feet and shaggy plumes and white fluffy feathers, Snowy Egrets are a delight to see.  On this episode I tell the story of the Snowy Egret along with Pauline Wentworth an interpreter with the Cumberland Island National Park – National Seashore. 

Cumberland Island, Georgia’s largest barrier island is 18 miles long and 3 miles at its widest; and just miles from the Florida state line. It’s no wonder, the U.S. Mint would feature this magnificent bird on the quarter.  The design shows  he snowy egret walking along the salt marsh which can be found on Cumberland Island.  

On this episode I tell the story of the snowy Egret.

To learn more about the U.S. Mint Quarter series visit their website –

To plan a trip to Cumberland Island visit the website –

There are tours offered on the island and also a ferry ride is the mode of transportation to travel over to Cumberland.  To find more information and book a ferry, visit the website –

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Photos of Snowy Egrets on Cumberland

Photos – Pauline Wentworth

Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
A Snowy Egret searches the Cumberland shoreline for a bite to eat. Or more like a stab to eat. They stab their food with their pointed bill.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egret
Yellow feet identify the Snowy Egret from other Egrets.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egret
Mushy mud is perfect for finding food and nutrients to keep the Snowy Egrets healthy.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
On guard keeping watch high in a tree where the nest is located. (Nest is seen in photo below)
Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Snowy Egrets make their nests from twigs and sticks. Both parents watch over the baby chicks and the nest. And, parents know each other by how they look sitting on the nest.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egret
Photo of a Snowy Egret plunges through the water.  (not on Cumberland Island)

Cumberland Commemorative Quarter Reveal Ceremony

Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Donna Weaver, the artist for the Cumberland Island quarter. Look closely and you’ll see my face peeping around the lady with the light colored shirt. We’re waiting to get a signature from Donna and speak with her. Photo – US Mint.


Cumberland Island Snowy egrets
I attended the unveiling program of the Cumberland Quarter.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
David Croft talks with me about the Commemorative Quarter Series


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Signage for the Cumberland Island National Seashore visitor center


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Camden High School was the host of the unveiling program.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Signage inside the high school auditorium


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
The unveiling program highlighted other quarters which are part of the commemorative series.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
David Croft and I stop for a photo after the engaging and energetic unveiling program at Camden County High School


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
 Donna Weaver and I pose for a photo as she signs my program.  She is the artist for the Cumberland Island quarter.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Cumberland National Park Service  Director Gary Ingram talks with young students


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Artist Donna Weaver signs rolls of quarter

Cumberland Island Photos

When visiting the island to see Snowy Egrets, take in some of the other sites around the island.  Here are a few photos of other attractions, after you check out the Egrets.

Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Another main attraction on the island are the wild horses which are descendants of horses brought over when the Carnegie family moved to Cumberland in the 1880’s. They brought horses for pulling carriages, riding, hunting and other recreational activities. In the back ground is Dungeness, the Carnegie home.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Ferrel horses who call Cumberland home and are a main attraction on the island.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
There is amazing scenery and natural settings.  Pristine forest with palms and large Live Oak trees grow along the roadway.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
View of the Cumberland Island Visitor Center


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Scenery on Cumberland Island

The photos below are from the Alberty  House.  You can view many more photos when visiting house during a tour of the island.

The First African Baptist Church built in 1937. The location of John and Carolyn Kennedy’s wedding.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Believed to be the original church in the settlement.


Marker is found on church front – right side facing the church


This photo and the one below I took during my 2021 tour of the island.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
Inside the First African Baptist Church


Cumberland Island
African-Americans who once worked and lived on the island.  Primus Mitchell pictured here is one of the trustees who purchased the land where the church is located.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
African-American woman who worked with the Bunkley family.


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
You can visit The Alberty House


Cumberland Island Snowy Egrets
My photo of the Alberty House taken in 2021

Information about Cumberland Island

A description of the 44th coin in the America the Beautiful Quarters program states:

  • “Cumberland Island National Seashore was established in 1972. It maintains the primitive, undeveloped character of one of the largest and most ecologically diverse barrier islands on the Atlantic coast, while preserving scenic, scientific, and historical values and providing outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation and solitude.
  • “Cumberland Island contains a rich concentration of cultural resources that recount 4,000 years of human habitation and includes a remarkable diversity of ethnic and social backgrounds.
  • “There are almost 18 miles of pristine beach open to the public for recreational activities such as swimming and walking. The island is also known to have one of the largest oak maritime forests remaining in the United States, which provides an unparalleled visitor experience.
  • “Cumberland Island National Seashore protects the largest designated wilderness area on an east coast barrier island. The island’s physical location provides visitors opportunities to experience outdoor recreation in an uncrowded, undeveloped setting. Moreover, this isolation helps to preserve and protect the island’s fragile natural and cultural resources.”

Check out the Georgia Quarter – Click the Georgia quarter




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