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Lowell Thomas Award Winning Shows
For Excellence in Travel Journalism

I am humbled and honored to win in the categories listed below.  I would love to share the links for you to hear the stories of our human spirit. Please share if you have been to Sunset Beach to visit the Kindred Spirit Mailbox or if you have been to the Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum.

Congratulations to all the winners and my fellow travel journalists for their excellent work inspiring travelers to venture out to experience the world as an exciting part of life.

Thanks for listening and for your support.

Category: Travel Audio-Radio

Gold:   Annita Thomas, ‘Travel With Annita: ‘Kindred Spirit Mailbox Sunset Beach, NC

Category: Travel Audio-Podcasts and Guides

Bronze: Annita Thomas, ‘Quarter Miles Travel: First Women of Virginia


Kindred Spirit Mailbox – Sunset Beach, NC

Photo courtesy of: Lynn Nesmith

Lowell Thomas Award Winning Shows

Photo of Frank riding his bike to the mailbox. Picture courtesy of Lynn Nesmith


Virginia Commemorative State Quarter
First American Women
Jamestown Settlement – American Revolution Museum

Lowell Thomas Award winning shows


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