COVID-19 Travel Protective Gear

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COVID-19 Travel Protective Gear

COVID-19 Travel protective gear

COVID-19 Travel protective gear helps answer the question, “How do you make a normal life during a pandemic?” That’s a question most people are asking. After more than six months of living under the limitations of a global virus, we are ready to find ways to bring normalcy to our daily lives.  

School is starting, road trips are popular, and we see invitations to small gatherings extended once again. How do we stay healthy and safe as the new-normal starts to emerge?  

Here are five products great for the whole family and are easy to use, convenient to carry, and, most importantly, keeps the virus away.

YaYNovelty Masks

COVID-19 Travel protective gear


Protocols to wear masks have become the standard, and our desire to make a fashion statement has us on the look-out for a mask that fits our style. YaYmasks are not only stylish; the fabric is water-repellent with three layers of knitted suede fabric. They are washable, and you can wear them up to 50 times. Choose one of the many designs, each made with micro-air technology – 94% polyester and 6% spandex. There are two options to fasten the mask with the adjustable ties for protection, comfort, and easy breathing.

Is there anyone in your home saying they don’t want to wear the medical masks?End the debate for the whole family with designs and sizes for men, women, and children. Below are a few of the patterns available  for you and your family.

COVID-19 Travel protective gear

Are you missing airplane rides and travel to far away places? This YaYmask brings a little flying into your life.


COVID-19 Travel protective gear

Dream of your next destination with passport stamps from around the world


COVID-19 Travel protective gear

YaYmasks come in various patterns and also solid colors to mix and match with your wardrobe.

$22 for children
$25 for adults


Spectraspray Travel Wellness

COVID-19 Travel protective gear

“Keep your hands clean and sanitized ” has become the golden rule for health and safety during the pandemic. Septraspray solves the worry of sanitizing not only our hands but hard surfaces too. Sanitizer Spray comes in a convenient travel size that fits comfortably in the pocket of your jacket, pants, and athletic wear. It is the perfect size to go anywhere in your purse or the backpack of students heading back to school. Sanitizer Spray checks all the requirements of the CDC and your personal use. 

  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses on your skin and hard surfaces
  • 65% Ethanol Alcohol
  • Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Vitamin E keep hands from drying
  • Each airtight container has 240 sprays 

The spray is very easy to use. For hands spray 4 – 5 times onto each hand. Rub hands together for 30 seconds, covering between fingers and around fingers nails. On hard surfaces on the airplane and in your hotel, spray directly onto the surface and use a clean paper towel spread over the entire surface. It is perfect for airplane tray tables, armrests, window areas, and bathroom areas. Use it in your hotel to sanitize remote controls, bathroom surfaces, telephones, desk, and handles.  

Sanitizer spray is a great travel buddy and made in the U.S.A.

Pack of three – $25


CleanKey by KeySmart

COVID-19 Travel protective gear

Now is the time for thinking ahead and planning smart when traveling short trips or long. There are so many hard surfaces we touch, and now you can avoid your exposure to contaminated surfaces up to 99% with the CleanKey. It easily attaches to your keychain, and you use it to open doors, press buttons at check-out or on telephones, touch screens, picking up and moving items. The ergonomic design makes it easy for everyone to use and carry. Made with 70% Copper and 30% Zinc, you’ll find it easy to clean after a day of being out and about. Purchase one for everyone in the family and especially for students heading to college where touching unsanitized items is a sure thing.  

COVID-19 Travel protective gear



Compact Key Holder by Key Smart

COVID-19 Travel protective gear

Simplify your life with one item. The Compact Key Holder holds up to 8 keys in one place. Keep it separate from other keys or add it to another keychain. No more searching for your most-used keys! Eliminate torn pants or snagged clothing from sharp keys – one compact key holder solves it all. Match it with the CleanKey for easy to sanitize items you’ll use every day.



MagConnect from KeySmart

COVID-19 Travel protective gear

On a day filled with errands, limit the exposure to as many things as possible. The MagConnect attaches to your keychain and allows you to take only the key you need with you. Are you going to the grocery store? Take only your car key; no need to expose all of your keys to germs and viruses. 

COVID-19 Travel protective gear

Running errands? Take only the key you need inside and leave others in your car, away from germs and viruses.

COVID-19 Travel protective gearIt’s sturdy and built for strength, holding up to 3 pounds. For the best protection against viruses and germs, use the MagConnect and Compact Key Holder together.  






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